How The Funds Will Be Spent

As Rebecca is wheelchair bound, the council have approved a grant to build her downstairs wet-room and bedroom. Also they will be adapting the exsiting property to allow for wheelchair access. The only way we can have this done is to have an extension buiilt on the back of our house. The council have quoted £32k ex vat but with all the council / survey fees and vat etc we have been told we need to find an extra £10k

UPDATE !!! Great News. The council have now agreed to reduce the money from £10k to £6.5k.

Once the basic building is done we also need to fund for decorating, furnishing etc. To do all this work they are moving the living room and hallway which will be more costs.

Please every little will help rebeca and we will keep the website up to date to show how much as been raised so far.


some very basic things that we take for granted like walking, using a toilet, washing and even basic access to your house rebbeca has found so hard and we hope this will help her give her the independence she really needs.

please donate using the donate button above.